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Parallel-Flow Advanced Oil Filtration Systems

Pareto Point Industries (PPI) products provide the most advanced fine oil filtration for vehicles and equipment with spin-on oil filters.  Advanced filtration boosts engine performance, saves operating and maintenance costs, extends engine life, and reduces the environmental footprint.  PPI technology is easy to install, requiring no special tools or engine modifications.  Payback can be as short as 8-10 months.


I wish to comment on the great customer service at Pareto Point Industries. After I bought the TopDog V bypass system from you, I had an unforeseen problem in that the modified engine was not quite within your specifications. When I called to discuss the issue, your response was professional, timely and was given with great care.  I received additional parts within a couple of days.

Since that time, the product has proven itself to be well worth the money. When I called to order replacement filters, the customer service was top notch. I can’t thank you enough for the professional customer service you provide.

Doug T., law enforcement officer

As the Owner “Fastest Police Car in the United States”, I take great pride in choosing the correct components for my 1988 Mazda RX-7 GTU with a small block 350 cubic inch Demon carbureted Chevrolet engine that produces 650 plus horsepower. I use the car is used as a show vehicle, a racing vehicle, an educational vehicle for youths, and as a tool to teach track racing as an alternative to illegal street racing.

We raced the car at Bonneville with only thirty minutes on the motor. The first run was over 160 mile per hour!  We made over a dozen runs, taking the car to three quarters throttle to over 165 miles per hour!  The car ran flawlessly.

Thanks again for designing and building a great product

Royce Branch, Redondo Beach Police Department, rbpdinpursuit.com

Thanks for your time and the information I requested. Please include two additional filters as we discussed. Thanks again for an awesome product. I now have three TopDogs installed and am very happy.

Mervin C., a farmer

I installed your Donaldson setup on my 2011 Silverado Duramax at 25k miles after we talked at the SEMA Show.  I currently have about 23k miles on the original oil and filter setup and have performed 3 oil analysis since.  The install was fairly simple, mounted high on the firewall to get the pressure variance suggested.  I welded up a quick mount to hold the filter.  I also took temperature samples of the filter showing it has flow at 23k miles.  

The truck itself lives a very abused life.  The truck is currently putting out just over 600hp at the rear wheels with 1232 ft.lb torque.  It is used frequently to tow up to about 14k lbs with 37” tires and has spent much of its time off road (about 1300 miles off pavement since the filter install).  I included a few pictures of the truck in the dirtiest environments I had if it helps with the website.  The filtration setup I bought from you helps to keep the oil clean in this rough environment while greatly extending my drain internals and reducing overall costs.  I have already broke even. Thanks and let me know if you would like any other info.

Tyler T., An Engineer

Living in Greece, driving is very expensive!  I bought a TopDog V bypass filter system from your company and installed it on my 2004 Prius. After about 55 km and not changing the oil, I checked the oil condition with Lubricheck's oil tester. The oil came out as brand new, the exact same as the bottled product! I wanted to express my satisfaction with your product and thank you. 

Efthimios A., a programmer