Pareto Point Industries

The Red Hornet

Advanced Bypass Filter and Spin-on Conversion System

The Red Hornet provides advanced bypass oil filtration to 2 microns and canister to spin-on filter conversion. Super cleaned oil is critical for saving fuel, preserving power, performance, and engine life, additionally, our patents-pending Red Hornet conversion feature makes oil filter changes easier for engines using cartridge oil filters. 


  • Affordably designed for mass market appeal
  • No external hardware
  • Advanced fine media traps the damaging 2 to 25 micron abrasive debris missed by the full-flow filter
  • Universal filter elements
  • Designed for maximum filter media area through multi-pleating
  • Knurled external surface
  • Cooling fins


  • Covers virtually all popular engines using canister-type oil filters.
  • Bolt-on non-intrusive design
  • Lowers overall O&M costs
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy design, no moving parts
  • Better grip for installation
  • Preserves engine power, and saves fuel
  • Additional cooling
  • Long service life