TopDog-V Applications

Enthusiasts, Off-Roaders, Racers, and Support Vehicle Industry

Pareto Point Industries provides advanced bypass oil filtration systems for the consumer market including cars, trucks, off-road, racers and more.

Keeping your oil healthy is a critical key to engine/equipment optimization and longevity. Studies consistently find that the most serious damage to engines/equipment is caused by debris 10 microns and smaller.  By removing harmful particles down to 2-Microns, compared to the 25-40 microns that most full flow filters are able to trap, TopDog-V, our fine oil filtration system protects your engine/equipment and its critical components to the highest possible level. 

TopDog-V is simple and quick to install, and requires no engine modifications. Once installed, the system will improve mileage, extend service intervals, reduce the vehicle’s environmental footprint, and can double the engine’s life. Affordably priced, the short payback period will result in savings many times over during a vehicle’s service life.