The Ultimate Oil Analysis

We recommend periodic oil sampling for evaluating the health of your engine.  While they last, we are including two oil sampling kits with each purchase. There is a fee that is payable directly to Blackstone. We would be most appreciative if you share your results with us as Kelly did.

Ultimate oil analysis from TopDog-V customer

TopDog-V Customer Testimonials

"As the Owner “Fastest Police Car in the United States”, I take great pride in choosing the correct components for my car. I have a 1988 Mazda RX-7 GTU with a small block 350 cubic inch Demon carbureted Chevrolet engine that produces 650 plus horsepower. I use the car is used as a show vehicle, a racing vehicle, and an educational vehicle for youths, and as a tool to teach track racing as an alternative to illegal street racing.

My engine builder, Dennis, and I know that speed is dependent on fine balance, tuning, and maintenance. That is the reason that we use MagDog as an integral component of our maintenance and optimal performance program as we compete at Bonneville, El Mirage, and other racing venues. I have complete confidence that the MagDog filtration system is doing exactly what it is designed to do. 

At Bonneville Speed Week this year we took the car with only thirty minutes on the motor. The first run at Bonneville was over 160 mile per hour! We ended up making a dozen runs tuning the engine and mainly the suspension. I took the car to three quarters throttle to over 165 miles per hour!  Another crew member. Steve, ran his rookie run at 131 miles per hour to qualify him for Category “D” speed license. The car ran flawlessly. We hope to take the car past 200 mph once it is broken in.

Thanks again for designing and building a great product"


Royce Branch, Redondo Beach Police Department, rbpdinpursuit.com

"My wife has a 1989 Toyota Camry with an AllWheel Drive Turbo Camry (3SGTE engine). Since I perform the majority of the basic maintenance, I have the joy of dealing with oil changes. So I decided to purchase the Top Dog V kit.

The oil had 1200 miles on it when I installed the Top Dog V kit. I was very curious to see the results of the filter on old oil. Within 30 miles, the oil was visibly cleaner! Within 90 miles, the oil looked as if had maybe 100 miles on it. By the time I had reached 150 miles, the oil looked 99% new! There was only the slightest hint of any former residue. I also noticed that the engine was far more responsive to throttle inputs at all parts portions of the powerband, regardless of whether the turbo was spooled up or not. The tone of the engine also seemed a bit quieter (very common with a fresh oil change).

I then set about watching my fuel economy. Prior to having the Top Dog V kit installed, the Camry would average 22 mpg - with mixed driving (some being aggressive). After a number of months, on average I am seeing a 10% increase in fuel economy - again with mixed driving (and, still some being aggressive). At times I have seen as high as 27 mpg!

I hope the above statement provides confidence in your product. It is absolutely worth it! I've been speaking the great word of your Top Dog V filter kit and have been trying to get as many people to purchase it as possible."

Joel M., an enthusiast

TopDog-V customer testimonials

"I wish to comment on the great customer service at Pareto Point Industries. After I bought the TopDog V bypass system from you, I had a problem with installation that could not be foreseen. When I called to ask about the issue, your response was professional, timely and with given with great care. I received an additional part within a couple of days.

Since that time, the product has proven itself to be well worth the money. When I recently called to order replacement filters, the customer service was top notch. I can’t thank you enough for the professional customer service you provide."

Doug T., law enforcement officer

TopDog-V Customer Testimonials

"Thanks for your time and the information I requested. Please include the two additional filters as discussed. Thanks again for an awesome product. I now have three TopDogs installed and am very happy."

Mervin C., a farmer

TopDog-V customer reviews and testimonials

"Living in Greece, driving is very expensive!  I bought a TopDog V bypass filter system from your company and installed it on my Prius. After about 55 km and not changing the oil, I checked the oil condition with Lubricheck's oil tester. The oil came out as brand new, the exact same as the bottled product! 

I wanted to express my satisfaction with your product and thank you."

Efthimios A., a programmer

TopDog-V testimonial from a programmer

"MagDog is an extremely powerful Magnetic Filtration Device that guards against ferromagnetic debris in your oil from engine wear.  I have increased the number of laps between oil changes and that saves us money and wear on the engine." 

Jay Sessoms, World of Outlaw racer.

TopDog-V testimonial from a racer

"Rory's Off-Road Supply thanks you for saving us potentially thousands of dollars.  We were racing before over 100,000 fans when things went bad – the temp gauge hit 300° Fahrenheit!! We cracked both heads, damaged the t-case, front outer u-joints and lower ball joints.

We decided to check the oil before going home. We opened the MagDog and found so many fine particulates that we drew the attention of very knowledgeable engine builders from other pits. They commented that but for the MagDog, we would have had to freshen up the engine to be safe and clean out all the debris! AND THAT WAS OVER SIX GRUELING RACES AGO!! Since then, our oil has consistently looked cleaner, and we do not get messy cutting filters apart. We know that MagDog is doing its job.

We highly recommend this product for off-roaders AND the daily driven vehicle! If it can protect an engine designed for abuse - imagine what it can do for one that is not. It is not often a product like MagDog to reach the market at an affordable level for the average blue collar racer and the daily driven vehicle owner. Thank you again for creating such a wonderful and affordable product."

Rory K..Owner, Rory’s Off-Road Supply

 TopDog-V testimonial from owner of Rory's Off-Road Supply

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