PAF Commercial & Gov Pricing

New Commercial Customers

As fleets typically request multiple or mixed kits, or special orders, such as steel-braided hoses, non-stock or mass customized items, PAF pricing is only provided by quote.  While retail pricing is currently $200, fleet pricing for 3 units or more will be quoted at a progressive volume discount rate starting around $175.  Please either submit a worksheet or call us to receive our best quote.  A sample worksheet is shown below.  For additional information, please contact us.

Commercial PAF, the best b2b advanced bypass oil filtration systems available on the market.

This SAMPLE WORKSHEET contains the information we will need to create a quote (the oil filter make/model, along with the number of vehicles, is sufficient).  You can provide a different spreadsheet if you want, or just call us.

PAF kits have a limited one-year warranty.  Additional advanced filters and gaskets are available at a discounted rate.

Please fill out the form below, call us at 323-726-2199 or email us directly at with the sample RFQ spreadsheet filled out and we will get back to you as soon as possible.