M-VEEP: A Military Vehicle Engine & Equipment Protection Solution

M-VEEP is a military vehicle engine and equipment protection solution provided by Pareto Point Industries.

Easy, economical, and environmental asset protection for engines, generators and other and hydraulic systems.

PPI is committed to providing military vehicles and equipment with an innovative cost-effective product (M-VEEP) to enhance operational readiness, reduce maintenance costs, and improve vehicle environmental footprints across a broad spectrum of operations, within military specifications. The elegant design provides an opportunity for a platform across a wide number of applications

M-VEEP Military Vehicle Oil Management System

M-VEEP is a military vehicle engine and equipment protection solution provided by Pareto Point Industries.

M-Veep is a recently patented and validated oil management technology that reduces/removes lubricating oil contaminants to <5 microns through a novel piping system. Testing shows M-VEEP equipped engines experience longer life, attain better mileage, defer maintenance (e.g., oil and filter changes), reduce unexpected downtime due to premature component failure, provide a cleaner environmental footprint, significantly reduce handling/transporting of toxic materials; and M-VEEP can become a platform for many more applications.

Vehicles equipped with M-VEEP technology would be able to be cascaded to the Reserve Component (RC) in healthier condition, ensuring longer service life; vehicles in long-term storage or pre-positioned can be more rapidly converted to service readiness. There is a high potential for autonomous system applications as well: most lubrication-related maintenance requires only periodic human interactions, some of which may be automated.

M-VEEP is scalable and flexible, and has been field-tested on Tier 4 tractors, many gas and diesel engines, track and off-road racing vehicles, generators, under heavy loads and prolonged oil/filter change intervals, and in other severe conditions and extreme environments.

Our expectation is that pay back can be achieved in under one year, based on current civilian configurations. This product has won numerous prestigious awards from SEMA, Clean-Tech, the CalTech Green Entrepreneur’s Forum, Diesel Power (Best New Product), and others.

M-VEEP uses Donaldson (our technology partner) filters to finely clean oil to 2 to 5 microns.  

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