PAF Installation

PAF Installation Guide

Plan to install your kit at the same time that you change your oil and filter.  Make sure that all of the parts are available before you begin the installation.

Parts in PAF Kit:

  • A System Adapter and mated Nipple
  • A Set of extra gaskets
  • 8' of rubber hose
  • 4 barbed fittings (2 straight, 2 elbow)
  • A remote mount (and related hardware)
  • A premium Donaldson filter
  • A set of instructions

The tools you will need:

  • An adjustable wrench
  • A screwdriver or shank
  • A hose-cutting tool
  • Tie wraps
  • A drill & screws

Optional: Teflon Tape, Small hose clamps

Advanced oil filtration system installation guide image showing the oil passing through the engine using PAF.

PAF Installation Instructions

  1. Remove the full-flow filter and drain the oil from your vehicle..
  2. Determine where the Remote Mount and Advanced Oil Filter will be placed.
  3. Determine how the hoses will be run.
  4. Decide which hose fittings you want to use, and where.   
  5. Place the System Adapter on the engine mounting stud and replace the spin-on oil filter.
  6. Run the cut pieces of hose to where the remote mount will be placed.   
  7. Attach hoses to the remote mount.
  8. Ensure hoses are properly secured and add oil (will require a bit more because of the added filter).
  9. Start the engine. Inspect connections, the engine, and the floor for any leaks.
  10. Once the engine is hot, make sure oil is flowing through the advanced filter by placing your hand on it once the engine is at operating temperature.