TopDog-V FAQs

Oil bypass filtration is a process where a small amount of your motor oil is diverted into a secondary (in our case, a parallel, advanced) filter, where small particles, far below the capacity of your full-flow filter to capture, are removed. This simple, but powerful action significantly improves your engines performance without causing back-pressure or other intrusive problems.
The cleanliness of your oil is directly related to your engine’s performance. Horsepower, mileage, emissions, and longevity are all affected. A full-flow filter cannot be too restrictive, or the bypass valve will open, allowing the debris to flow directly into the engine gallery. Because of this restriction, full-flow filter media is only able to capture debris to about 25 microns* at its lower end. Yet studies consistently show that almost 90% of premature engine/component failures are caused by debris smaller than 10 microns! By working slowly and thoroughly, advanced filtration is the ideal solution for trapping and holding these smaller contaminants. * A micron is a unit of measure. One micron is about the size of a grain of table salt.
There are many benefits, but the most important include better performance and fuel efficiency, lower emissions, longer engine life, and extended service intervals. Advanced oil filtration saves you time and money. In fact, payback can be in as little as 8-10 months. A typical sedan, traveling about 14,000 miles per year and getting about 18 mpg should pay for itself in under a year. Using TopDog-V for about 5.5 years, can save up to 10 times the cost. A further benefit includes a better vehicle environmental footprint.
As oil is pumped through the lubricating system, a small amount is continuously diverted into the advanced filter, which contains a much thicker media than the full-flow filter. There, the oil is slowly ‘super-cleaned’. Unlike ‘legacy’ systems that direct the clean oil to the sump, or top of engine (valve cover), TopDog-V’s innovative piping uses a patented pressure differential to send cleaned oil directly into the engine, which is more energy efficient. The design also makes it much easier to install, with no engine modifications or special tools or knowledge required.
TopDog V has a 1 year limited warranty. The Federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (Sec.700.10 Section 102(c)) states that no dealer or manufacturer can void a warranty simply because an add-on performance accessory has been installed. Simply put, the OEM is responsible for their work, and the aftermarket provider for theirs.
Each TopDog-V kit depends on the engine for proper fitment and requires a spin-on oil filter. Some of our customers have installed an oil relocation kit to bypass their canister. Each kit comes with a System Adapter and matched Nipple, hoses and fittings, a remote mount, an advanced Donaldson filter, and a set of instructions. Videos and other useful information is available on the website and is often found in forums or on YouTube. Group discounts and dealer opportunities are available. See the pricing page for specifics. • TopDog V can easily be upgraded using steel braided hoses and AN fittings, if desired.