Pareto Point Industries

Mini Bypass
Oil Filter Booster

The Mini is a novel, first to market, bolt-on minimal design, fine filtration device that brings affordable bypass filtration to the mass market

The Mini offers bypass oil filtration protection without external hardware, ensuring efficient engine protection between service intervals.  The 2 micron filter element complements the full-flow filter, saving money, preserving power, and adding engine life. 

* a grain of table salt is about 100 microns


  • Innovative four-part minimal bolt-on design
  • Advanced fine media traps the damaging 2 to 25 micron abrasive debris missed by the full-flow filter
  • Designed for maximum filter media area by multi-pleating
  • Affordably designed for mass market appeal
  • The reusable filter casing fits most spin-on filters


  • Delivers bypass filtration without external hardware
  • Preserves power, ensuring a better running, more reliable engine
  • Provides enough dirt loading surface area to match your oil service interval
  • Brings bypass filtration benefits to all levels of car owners