Pareto Point Industries

Hot Dog
Bypass Filter Wrap

The patent-pending, field/lab tested Hot Dog is a novel, first to market, fine filtration device that brings affordable bypass filtration to vehicles with engines using canister-type oil filters

The laboratory/field tested HotDog is a basic, affordable way for canister-type oil filters to finely cleaning motor oil to 2 microns, saving money on fuel, oil and filters, and extending engine life.


  • Delivers bypass filtration without external hardware
  • Easy to install around the full flow cartridge
  • Designed to maximize the filter media area
  • Affordably priced for mass market appeal


  • Lab/field tests revealed the Hot Dog boosts filtration performance by trapping the most dangerous debris, below 10 microns, that the full- flow oil filter is not designed to capture
  • Preserves power ensuring a better running, more reliable engine
  • Provides enough dirt loading surface area to match your normal oil service interval
  • Is attractive to all levels of car owners