Pareto Point Industries Signs Licensing Agreement with The Donaldson Company

Pareto Point Industries Signs Licensing Agreement with The Donaldson Company

November 17, 2014. San Pedro, CA.

Pareto Point Industries (PPI) has signed a licensing agreement with The Donaldson Company (Donaldson), a major American filter manufacturer. The agreement provides Donaldson with rights to sell certain PPI patented smart oil management technologies in Donaldson markets, while encouraging PPI to continue to sell, service and grow its own existing markets. The two companies will work jointly to build new markets, products, and applications.

According to PPI President Adan Reinosa, “This is exciting because it enables us to focus on what we do best - designing technologies and products that will improve oil, hydraulic fluid, and other related applications. We have already identified several new applications and product opportunities and will be working with Donaldson to evaluate their potential value to both of our current and future markets.”

PPI’s CEO, Bob Hammer adds, “Providing Donaldson filters strengthens both PPI’s engineering and marketing efforts by increasing our ability to provide customers with consistently high quality products and services.”  PPI will also serve as a local distributor for Donaldson filters and other products, such as their Bulk Filtration System for Diesel fuel and other hydraulic fluid storage tanks.

Pareto Point Industries, Inc. was founded in 1999 by Mr. Adan Reinosa, P.E., and Dr. Bob Hammer, with a mission to create and commercialize advanced oil and hydraulic management systems that are economically and environmentally beneficial to the end user. PPI products have won a number of commercial and sustainability awards; and our flagship product, ‘Parallel-Flow Oil Bypass Filtration (PBF)’ has been published as a “Best New Product” in technical magazines. PPI is located in San Pedro, California, and is associated with PortTechLA, a business accelerator operating under the City of Los Angeles’ Green Initiative.

The Donaldson Company is a 100 year old industry leader making Air, Fuel, Oil, and Hydraulic Filtration and other related products. Donaldson, with annual sales around $3Billion, is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and has an established presence in over 160 countries.

For more information, contact: Bob Hammer, PH.D., CEO, Pareto Point Industries at 323-726-2199 or email us at