Pareto Point Industries’ MagDog Magnetic Filtration Device goes International

Pareto Point Industries’ MagDog Magnetic Filtration Device goes International

Note  -  the rising cost of neodymium magnets has caused us

to stop production on MagDog until further notice – use?

San Pedro, CA. November 26, 2012.

Following a successful SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Pareto Point Industries (PPI) has signed agreements with several international distributors to sell MagDog in their home countries. These distributors, located in Australia, Asia, and Canada, will begin distribution after the first of the year, 2013.

MagDog, an inexpensive and simple to install magnetic filtration device sits between the engine and full flow filter, collecting ferrous (metallic) contaminants, the major cause of engine wear, in a quiet zone. The device contains screened Neodymium (Rare Earth) magnets that capture and hold the debris until the unit is opened and cleaned. This can occur at the end of every race cycle, periodically during engine break-in, or about every three or four oil/filter changes. When the unit is opened, the amount of debris present will provide very interesting visual data regarding the engine condition.

According to Dr. Bob Hammer, CEO of Pareto Point Industries, “We are very happy that this popular product is now becoming valued internationally. Our US customers have been great, keeping us informed of how well the product is working, and some even have stories to tell regarding how it has helped them in various ways while they were racing.”

For more information, contact Dr. Bob Hammer, CEO, at 323 726-2199  or email us at