Pareto Point Industries Introduces TopDog-V: A Parallel-Flow Oil Bypass Filtration System that is Inexpensive, Quick to Install Oil Bypass Filtration Systems.

Pareto Point Industries Introduces TopDog-V: A Parallel-Flow Oil Bypass Filtration System that is Inexpensive, Quick to Install Oil Bypass Filtration Systems.

San Pedro, CA. Sept. 15, 2012.

In late 2010, Pareto Point Industries (PPI) unveiled TopDog V, a patent-pending parallel-flow oil bypass filtration system, an innovative product that super-cleans motor oil to well below the 10 micron threshold for major wear damage. TopDog V placed on Diesel World’s Top New Products that were exhibited at the SEMA Show in 2010 and also in 2011. It was also recognized by SEMA as part of their go-green program. Product reviews appeared in Performance Racing, 4Runner, Off-Road, and other magazines. TopDog V was cited as a ground-breaking technology by the Cal-Tech Green Entrepreneurial Forum. TopDog V is migrating to fleets, where it will be known as Parallel-Flow Oil Bypass Filtration (PBF). It recently achieved Regional Semifinalist status in the National Cleantech Open competition, and has received a number of other awards. Recognition on blogs and forums remains very positive.

According to PPI CEO, Dr. Bob Hammer, “The heavy trucking industry has used oil bypass filtration for a very long time, and the benefits of clean oil filtration have been known. But the systems have been too costly and or complex for both the mass consumer and the small fleet owner. Not any longer. We had made the technology easier to grasp and more readily accessible to this audience. We are now seeing it taking hold in an increasingly wide range of vehicle, from working Diesels to four cylinder passenger gas engines. This is a great tool for fleet managers who are constantly fighting to control costs and meet new economic and environmental regulations and mandates. In fact, we have documented instances where PBF has paid for itself in nine months or even less, has reduced fuel consumption by up to 10% and reduced emissions as well .”

TopDog V/PBF offers all of the benefits traditional (legacy) bypass filtration systems provide, including less engine wear, better mileage, lower emissions, longer oil and filter service intervals, etc. This is accomplished through a system adapter that can be installed in about 15-20 minutes or less with no engine modification, rather than the three to six or more hours of labor required by other systems. Further, once in place, clean oil exiting the system adapter is sent directly into the engine, eliminating the traditional “sidestreaming” of oil from the engine to the sump. The engine now utilizes 100% of the lubricant flow, critical for stressful engine situations, and very important for older, out of warranty engines. The filters work in a complementary way, allowing each to last longer. And if the bypass filer clogs, the full-flow filter will continue to operate normally. The adapter has ports for connecting devices to the oil system, such as oil coolers, filter load indicators, pumps, oil sampling, or other diagnostic tools or devices.

TopDog V/PBF provides low cost and repair insurance with superb benefits to individual car owners, light fleet asset managers, and racers. Dr. Hammer concludes, “We have had our products on all types of racing vehicles, and the results are consistently outstanding. TopDog V is a great way to ensure peak performance as well as asset protection, whether racing, going off-road, working, or for all-around driving. Because of its environmental advantages, TopDog V/PBF has been recognized as a green product. And TopDog V is manufactured in the USA.” According to Dr. Hammer, the long-term focus for PBF also includes heavy duty vehicles, non-wheeled vehicles, and machinery and stationary equipment, such as generators. “We see a broad spectrum of applications and will begin to tool up for these markets in the very near future.”


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